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Status Quo - Aquostic II

Descargar Status Quo – Aquostic II: That’s A Fact!

1. That’s A Fact
2. Roll Over Lay Down
3. Dear John
4. In The Army Now
5. Hold You Back
6. One For The Road
7. Backwater
8. One Of Everything
9. Belavista Man
10. Lover Of The Human Race
11. Ice In The Sun
12. Mess Of The Blues
13. Jam Side Down
14. Resurrection
15. Lies
16. Little Dreamer
17. Living On An Island
18. Is Someone Rocking Your Heart?
19. Rockers Rollin’

Artista: Status Quo
Álbum: Aquostic II: That’s A Fact!
Género: Rock
Año: 2016
Calidad: mp3 320 Kbps
Tamaño: 155 MB
Release: 21/10/2016

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