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Find Me – Dark Angel (Deluxe Edition) (2015)

Descargar Find Me – Dark Angel (Deluxe Edition)

1. Nowhere To Hide
2. Let Love Rule
3. Forever
4. Another Day
5. Dark Angel
6. Bleed In The Rain
7. Face To Face
8. Where Do I Go
9. Midnight Memories
10. Don’t Slip Away From Me
11. Did You Feel Any Love
12. I’m Free
13. Forever (Acoustic Version) (Japan Bonus Track)

Artist: Find Me
Album: Dark Angel (Deluxe Edition)
Genre: Hard Rock
Year: 2015
Quality: mp3 320 Kbps
Size: 134 MB
Release: 04/12/2015

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Gracias adr BUENA MUSICA

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ole ole coincido con paco :up :up

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muchas gracias adr por poner esta buena musica