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Club Handsup Vol.1 (2013)
Trance, Pop Trance | Future Sonic Media
256 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 22 April, 2013 | 02:39:27 | 305.04 Mb


01.DJ Malvich – So Many Things (radio edit)
02.2 Tracks – Light Up The Sky (Roxor & Dinell remix)
03.Commercial Club Crew – Diggers Song (club mix)
04.Vin Deicer – Dr Love (East Raverz remix edit)
05.Prolosapien – Die Spieluhr (feat Lexxxi – radio version – part 2)
06.DJ Hyo – Heaven (extended mix)
07.Shilton – Don’t Stop Your Dreams (Handz Up extended mix)
08.Global Defence – Take Me Away (club edit)
09.Club Pimps – When We Come Around (radio mix)
10.Laurenzo Tozzi – Dont Believe (radio edit)
11.Crew 7 – Money For Nothing (radio edit)
12.Azuria – Forgive Me (C7 meets Ozi remix)
13.Ozi meets Tom Mountain – Dreams (Am Pm extended)
14.Enerdizer & Tron – Funky Bastardz (extended mix)
15.Partystylerz – We Are The Partystylerz
16.Barcera – Secret Of Love (C7 radio mix)
17.D Tune – Burn It Up (extended mix)
18.Outatime – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Dan Winter extended)
19.United Beats – Por Que No (Plazmatek remix)
20.Klubbheroes – Poco Loco (Loco mix)
21.Scarf – Odysee (Plazmatek radio mix)
22.Mike Rules – Going Crazy (extended)
23.Discoduck – Cry (DJ Hyo & Technoposse radio edit)
24.Nigel Hard – I Miss You (Nigel Hard hard mix)
25.Pit Bailay – Eternity (Sun Robot remix)
26.Purple Punkz meets DJ Imprezive – Mailbox (Eric Mullder edit)
27.Prockers – Play Girl (Fray Low club remix)
28.DJ Venom – Party Down (radio edit)
29.Mike Mcpower – Set Free (radio edit)
30.Miguel & Chris – By Your Side (radio edit)
31.DJ Rosso – How Can I Save You (extended)
32.Nasty Uk Chicks – Nasty Play Girl (radio edit)
33.Die Republik – Angela (Orlando Di Rivello Polka mix)
34.Michael Fall – Vixen (feat The Sunseekers – Vortecs club mix)
35.Bikini Sounds – Circles (instrumental)
36.Jean Marceau – Life Is Not A Rockin Horse (Happy Life mix)